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Family oil on canvas painting of Mr Femi Otedola by Artist Ayeola Ayodeji.

11013329_10156070600325125_8651044989965235791_ofemi otedola family painting in da makingnana otedola IMG-20151010-01147 IMG-20151010-01140 femi otedola family painting in the making




Chief Aliko dangoke portrait painting artist ayeola ayodeji

Comparing the picture of Chief Aliko Dangote and the painting.

chief aliko dangote painting finished painting by ayeola ayodeji

Completed painting of Aliko Dangote.

aliko dangote painting 5

Painting in progress, painting the suit

aliko dangote painting stage 4

Painting in progress moving down to the suit.

aliko dangote painting stage 3

The face is almost completed here.


aliko dangote painting stage 2

Painting in progress painting from Aliko dangote’s eyes.

aliko dangote painting stage 1

Starting out the painting


Painting by Visual Artist Ayeola Ayodeji.